Types interactive maps

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You can choose between different types of map to show the location of their offices. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so depending on what you want to be able to choose one or the other.

Google Maps Map

The most widely used nowadays is the Google Map shown below. It is simple and effective, you can display a location map (for multiple locations can be displayed several maps) and switches physical map, satellite image, and the spectacular hybrid of Google Earth 3D maps.


The more powerful alternative to the standard Google Maps street is our Multimap. It allows visitors to switch between a wide variety of maps and display multiple ubivaciones in multiple layers that can be shown or hidden at the choice of visitors. All the power of geolocation a single map.

To discover the power of this Multimap, click the icon
Botón selector de mapas y capas in the top right of the map.

It also allows to include custom text for each point snacks, including images and links to other websites.

Alternative Maps

Finally, for those who do not want the typical street map, or need an alternative "different" have other less conventional maps can also be added to your site. This type of map is more flashy than functional, and is intended primarily for multiple geographically dispersed points, what is clear is that the map of your site will not be like the others.

You can choose from a map that resembles a giant watercolor world or a map that simulates a photocopy, ...

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Mapa Toner: 
Mapa Escolar: 
Mapa Transportes: 
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