E-commerce opens the doors of his business to the world

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alojamiento y dominioIn a shop there are two types of pages: those with content explanatory as texts, images or videos (see sample page Posted in videos) and secondly catalog pages products. We maquetaremos for you the first with the content you send us initially, and within hours will its running store for you to upload your products and sort them into the categories you want.

You can send email content downloading our high application form in MS Word in which completed all the data needed to create a new website.

If you want to see all the designs available from which you can choose the of your website, visit the website of our web designs sample and choose the template design you convince.

Once you have created your website, you have access to all pages to add, remove or modify text and images easily and quickly. Similarly, you can manage the products and customer orders. No additional cost you can manage everything related to your day to day web yourself how, when and how often you want.

The main advantages of self-management are:

  • Speed ​​and savings. Why wait for others to update their website if you can do it yourself in minutes. By having full control over your page can update your content so that customers who visit will be up to date with news from your company and your products. Changes in your page will not pay extra entail.
  • Catalog updated always. You always have your catalog products daily. You can remove those who no longer serve, or add new products immediately. Change yourself price for specific promotions.
  • Content control. We give you the ability to add, remove and modify text and images from any web pageEasy to use. With an easy management panel where you will find the necessary tools, you can make the changes you want with some basic computer skills.

More services and facilities for you and your customers for little money.