Weblog and content subscription services to users

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Suscripciones, blog y RSS

Having a blog on your website will allow you to offer visitors current contents, varied and fresh. Unlike the rest of the web pages, with more corporate content (descriptive of its business and its products and services), a blog allows you to provide special content timely interest and relevance: review comments today in its field, explanations techniques on developments in the market, etc. .. Also, if you enable the option to receive comments, readers can participate in the topic, enrich your website and visit more often to monitor developments.

These are contained in the continuous renewal that squeeze the maximum integration with social networks embedded links (such as "like" on facebook) that extend their viral web form to a network of potential customers much wider.

Moreover, like having so much content and volatility currently require visitors to check the web continueamente, have content subscription services, which inform visitors entered automatically whenever there is a change on the web. A part of the followers in social networks, the web allows additional subscription types:

  • Subscribe to entire site: By RSS link to automatically generated, visitors can add dynamic markers that will keep them abreast of any changes in your web content.
  • Subscribe to the blog: Registered users can subscribe to the blog so that will email each new article published in it.
  • Subscribe to specific content: If a comment or blog post are particularly relevant for a visitor, you can subscribe to it so you will be notified by email every time there is something new on the subject.
  • Subscribe to newsletter: If you are interested in sending newsletters (electronic newsletters), the system will collect for you the addresses of the users interested in receiving so that you only need to export the list of email subscribers and send the newsletter to you created through a service bulk email sending.

The interactivity offered by Web 2.0 services and the viral spread of social networking will increase your web traffic and visitor loyalty. Check it!