The power of the virtual store Ubercart

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The online store is offered is based on the powerful open source Drupal with Ubercart. Although there are other commerce platforms open source (such as widespread OSCommerce) we have chosen the option that most powerful and versatile.

As there is no need to be faithful in our words can view articles What's ubercart? y Why use drupal for the comerce electonic? to know the basics of our decision.

A part of the platform of choice, no one today questions have an online store that provides a new market shops both traditional and new entrepreneurs. The important thing is to have the tools to take advantage of this new world:


  • Full control of your product catalog: You can create as many nested categories as you like, and place them as many products as you like. And of course you can always keep up to date prices, descriptions, references of articles, pictures ...
  • Versatility: Each product has a specific strategy of sale. It is important that the online store is flexible enough to allow the strategy applied in the products it sells. We offer the ability to create packs of products, show prices with or without VAT, product attributes, flexible policies in calculating shipping charges, zoom and display multiple product images, shopping for registered and / or anonymous users, ...
  • Huge variety of design templates: In the online sale is very important to the visual aspect and has a base drupal design templates much more extensive and attractive than other ecommerce platforms low cost.
  • Designed to facilitate the work of the search engines: The cheapest way to get visits to a website is through a search engine. The websites that present their content to search engines are highly regarded amicably by these, resulting in better positions in their listings.
  • Integration with different payment methods: The default store offers integrated payment through paypal, but can be configured to accept other methods of payment: bank transfer, check, other payment modules. If you need some customization please tell us.


Las tiendas online de código libre le garantizan la independencia de proveedor y la robustez de miles de usuarios en todo el mundo.