Large multi-language for basic web

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Having a multi-language website improves the visibility of a company, both for companies with an international (English, French, German, Italian, ...) and for those with regional interests (Catalan, Basque, Galician, .. .). That is why it is increasingly common to extend the number of languages ​​in expanding corporate websites the final scope.

The language management platform will allow you to reduce costs and maneuverability. Juzque for yourself at our
demo de web. Moreover, the increase on the base price is calculated from the number of additional languages ​​required:

  •      An additional language: Increased high 30 + 30 / year maintenance.
  •      Two additional languages​​: Increased high 50 + 50 € / year maintenance.
  •      Over two additional languages ​​Increase 20 / language high + 20 / language / year of maintenance.


To request a multi-language website will have to send by email a copy of High application form in MS Word for each language required with previously translated content.

Remember: It is optional, if not most languages ​​need not have to pay.