Additional Technology Services

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Servicios Tecnológicos AdicionalesTechnology advances, like it or not, and our business will not be left behind, both because it would lose competitiveness as because they would be losing many benefits of the new technology services that provide cost and time savings.

So we think it is important to know some selected services to make your work more efficient and

  • Need a platform of sending newsletters or emailing? We collaborate with
  • Is your company looking for a backup system safe, economical and simple? Ask for a coupon discount
  • Worried about geolocation of employees or family. Discover the free solution
  • The IP PBX system for the future (VoIP) for SMEs is Verify that Internet and telephony are not different things.
  • Our Domain servers Nedonet are the best option to get the functionality of big business without the proper license cost these. Enter and will not repent.
  • A virus prevents you from working on your computer right when you need it? Do not wait for the technician arrives, with our remote support service can help at the time a very competitive price.

Contact us to upgrade the technological level of their business.