Other Web Platforms

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Our expertise and infrastructure deployed allow us to guarantee that we can install for you any online services platform that your business requires. It would be impossible to list all the different applications we could install, configure and host for you, but the most common examples are:

  • Post a blog, a forum, a digital magazine or web platform with your own domain name.
    Provide an e-learning platform to publish their own courses. see example.
  • Enjoy a private space in the cloud where you post your files so that customers or suppliers to access them in a comfortable but secure.
  • Having a project ADMINISTRATION platform and resources to avoid losing control of your company as it grows.
  • Achieve total control of their marketing campaigns with the best free CRM market.
    To submit your application as current management to a new level by publishing on the internet to access it from anywhere and at any
Drupal - Gestión de contenidos (CMS) y más Moodle - Plataforma de e-learning SugarCRM - Sistema de gestión comercial OwnCloud - Plataforma privada de datos en la nube WordPress - Blog y gestor de contenidos Hosting web Apache/Tomcat - Páginas estáticas HTML y dinámicas PHP y Java 

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